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Office Backup
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Office Backup

In a busy office environment, backing up everyone's data is often overlooked or not done often enough until it's too late. Synology makes backing up your laptop or your office computer easy and affordable.

Benefits of Synology Office Backup Solutions

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Computer users often forget to perform data backups, or simply don't backup because the backup process necessitates extra devices or requires too much user intervention. The Synology Data Replicator is free-license PC backup software, which will back up all of the user documents every time the computer is connected to the network, without the need for manual backups. Once Data Replicator is installed and setup on the computer, computer users will never forget to backup again.

Synology's Data Replicator is a non-intrusive backup application; with its Set-n-Forget Backup and Auto-Resume capabilities, it will perform its job in the background without interfering the user's productivity. These benefits make Data Replicator the ideal choice for office backup.

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