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Network Storage Solutions for Interactive Media Industry
Solutions for Backup, Storage and File Management

Synology DiskStations are a perfect backup and file sharing solution for doctor office, medical clinic, hospitals and other medical organizations.Network Storage Solutions for Interactive Media Industry

Using Synology DiskStations in a Creative Environment

Benefits of Synology DiskStations in for Creative Environments

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Features Recommended for Creative/Media Organizations

Collaboration, brainstorming, and production are key elements of any media or creative company. Often composed primarily of designers and artists, these companies create, share, and generate a massive amount of data comprised of large files. If a drive were to fail and data lost, so to would time, money, and clients. Synology NAS gives an office the advantage of centralized backup, alleviating the consequences of data loss, while RAID protects data against drive failure.

Companies generating media content also need the right tools. From professional photo editors to audio mixers, distributing and collaborating with this data is essential. Every Synology DiskStation is bundled with DiskStation Manager with many features that aid in data sharing and distribution. File Station functions as a file server that is accessible both from the office and remotely, so you always have access to your files. Photo Station with CoolIris plugin provides a sleek way to share photos and videos locally and over the internet while Audio Station plays both locally stored files as well as internet radio and streaming broadcasts.