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Synology DiskStation DS3622xs+
Powerful and high-capacity storage that fits in any environment

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Synology DiskStation
Synology DiskStation DS3622xs+ 12 Bay NAS Storage System
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Synology DiskStation DS3622xs+ is a 12-bay tower server NAS for businesses that need large and powerful storage. The DS3622xs+ matches high capacity with strong processing capabilities, making it ideal for business surveillance, virtual machine storage, and video editing. Its storage capacity is easily tripled with two 12-bay DX1222 expansion units. Connectivity, storage, and memory are easily expandable to handle even more demanding workloads. Coupled with a large offering of business applications available for Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), the DS3622xs+ is much more than a storage device.

  • High Performance
    Over 260,000 4K random read IOPS and 4,700/2,400 MB/s sequential read/write performance
  • More Than a Storage Server
    Consolidate and host backup or video management systems, virtual machines, and more thanks to a capable 6-core Intel Xeon processor
  • Supports Heavy Applications
    Leverage up to 48 GB memory, 10/25GbE networking, Fibre Channel support, or NVMe SSD Cache to boost read and write speeds
  • Easy Capacity Expansion
    Scale up to 36 drive bays with two 12-bay DX1222 expansion units
  • Long-Term Support
    Backed by Synology’s 5-year limited warranty

High-performance mass storage

The 12-bay Synology DS3622xs+ is a powerhouse NAS capable of fitting into small and medium business environments with intensive and multi-user workloads. Its high capacity, scalability, and processing power make it ideal for VM and container storage, for lightning-fast file sharing, and as a network video recorder for large surveillance deployments. It comes with powerful storage management, file syncing, surveillance, and backup software, and is suitable for editing high-quality video.


Six-core Intel Xeon processor


4,719 MB/s seq. read
260,691 4K random read IOPS


16 GB DDR4 ECC, expandable to 48 GB


Expand to 36 drives with two DX1222 expansion units

Dependable storage for many scenarios

Synology NAS is a versatile storage platform that fits perfectly in file server, block storage, or application server roles that require high availability, reliability, and leading-edge storage technology.

Multi-purpose NAS storage
Keep digital assets accessible locally or remotely with easy-to-maintain shared file storage, backed by fast SMB file serving, powerful RAID options, efficient backup tools, and granular permission management.

SAN infrastructure for SMBs
Deploy certified block storage with minimal disruption thanks to easy management plugins, and leverage free snapshots paired with built-in high-availability options to maximize service availability.

Versatile business applications
Host business solutions privately and on your own terms, including a powerful backup server to protect all business assets from a centralized platform or a full-fledged surveillance platform to safeguard physical premises with transparent licensing.

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Synology Products
Synology DiskStation
Synology DiskStation DS3622xs+ 12 Bay NAS Storage System
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