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Synology FlashStation FS2500
Cost-effective all-flash storage for small and medium-sized businesses

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Synology FlashStation Series
Synology FlashStationFS2500 12 Bay Flash Storage Array
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Synology FlashStation FS2500 features 12 bays for 2.5” SATA SSDs in a 1U enclosure. Its compact form factor and processing power make it an ideal solution for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive applications such as VM storage and email servers in small to medium-size deployments. Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), the FS2500 comes with reliable and easy-to-setup solutions for uptime and data protection.

  • High Performance
    Handles intensive I/O efficiently with over 170,000/82,000 4K random read/write IOPS
  • Flexible Virtualization Storage
    Certified support for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and OpenStack with Kubernetes CSI driver
  • Convenient Networking Options
    Built-in dual 10GbE and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports offer easy integration with existing environments
  • Data and Services Protection
    Back up critical data and cut your recovery time objective with built-in data protection and high availability tools
  • Long-Term Support
    Backed by Synology’s 5-year limited warranty

Boost your applications with low-latency storage

With its compact 1U form factor, the 12-bay Synology FlashStation FS2500 is the ideal storage solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve the responsiveness of I/O-intensive applications such as virtual machines (VMs), light databases, or email servers.


Quad-core AMD Ryzen


Up to 172,552/82,917 4K random read/write IOPS

Form Factor

Rackmount 1U


Built-in dual 10GbE and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

Dependable storage for many scenarios

Synology NAS is a versatile storage platform that fits perfectly in file server, block storage, or light application server roles that require high availability, reliability, and leading-edge storage technology.

Simple and efficient SAN storage
Choose certified block storage that fits into any environment from day one, with a short learning curve, easy management plugins, free snapshots, and built-in high availability options.

Fast and secure SMB file sharing
Get great shared file storage that makes permission management a breeze, with powerful RAID options, reliable SMB file serving, efficient backup tools, and easy maintenance.

Business application platform
Host cost-efficient business solutions, including a powerful free backup server, a versatile mail server, lightweight directory server, or surveillance server with transparent licensing.

Pricing Notes:

Synology Products
Synology FlashStation Series
Synology FlashStationFS2500 12 Bay Flash Storage Array
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